Sendai Akiu Hot Spring HOTEL SAKAN

Akiu is the nearest hot spring resort in Sendai, the hub city in Thohoku region; the area in northeastern Japan.
The Akiu Hot Spring in historically renowned and in among the three oldest hot springs in Japan. The name "Sakan" comes from a man named Kanzaburo Satoh who first started a small "ryokan"(Japanese inn) here in Akiu about 1,000 years ago. His descendants have carried on the tradition for generations ever since. Today, Sakan is owned the 34th generation.
We have variety of public hot spring baths overlooking the Natori River.
You can enjoy the dishes such as fresh seafood,and fresh local ingredients from the mountains and river.

Hot Spring

  • 1F Public Bathroom
    In this first-floor public bath along the Natori River, You can relax and soothe your daily fatigue while enjoying the natural scenery of the four seasons. In addition to the open-air bath where you can feel the air of the Akiu mountains, there are deep baths, silk baths, dry saunas and steam saunas.
  • B1F Public Bathroom
    The moment you enter this bathroom, comfortable light and enrich powder room welcomes to you. It has outdoor bath made of stone. For women time, we prepare various kinds of amenities.Please refresh your mind and body.
    This bathrooms bath tub is made out of cypress wood. At the weekend evening, it floats rose only for women.(It has sauna in this bathroom.) In the Edo era, Sendai
    This is outdoor bath by the Natori river. Please feel the special time while listening the murmuring of stream. Please enjoy Japanese season scenery, green leaves in summer, colored leaves in autumn, snow scene in winter.
  • Private Bathroom
    This private bathroom is family type. It structure is barrier free, so it is suitable for family.

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Guest Room

    Hiten tower is high grade tower. All guest rooms in this tower are at least 10 tatami mats in size. They are situated on 3th-11th floor.
    It is the middle class rooms of 3 towers. Display gallery is situated 3-5th floor of Sansui tower. ※This room faces courtyard or town of Akiu. It is not face river and mountain.
    It is the basic class room, accommodation rate is reasonable. All guest rooms in this type are at least 10 tatami mats in size. They are situated on 3th-10th floor, by the large public bathroom.

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This Conference Center has approx. 50 meeting rooms (small, medium and large), ensuring three conferences with 1000 people each at the same time.
The Conference Center responds to not only international conferences, academic conferences, symposiums and seminars but also various events including parties, exhibitions and poster sessions.

Conference Room Information

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  • Tea Lounge OKAMI NO KOCHA
    Enjoy a v iew of Japanese garden as you enjoy our tea which is directly imported from Darjeeling, India. You’ll feel relaxed time, while enjoying the fresh tea.
    ※Currently closed.
  • Gift Shop
    The gift shop offers a selection that includes high-quality products Japanese hand crafts and others. We prepare some kinds of souvenir of Sendai.
  • Relaxation salon 1/f no YURAGI
    We offer many massage style in this private salon.
  • Wine Bar KURA KURA
    Please enjoy our selection of organic wine, the original taste the grape.
  • Japanese Restaurant and Bar HAGI-TEI
    We prepare many Miyagi local brand of Sake, noodles, snack with drink.
    ※Currently closed.

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  • Yumoto Akiu-machi Taihaku-ku Sendai, MIyagi, 982-0241 JP
  • 81223982233

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